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Course load: Students may take only one eSchool course at a time.

Fees: The cost is semester-based: $125 for one 1/2 credit course during a semester (120 days) or $250 for two or more 1/2 credit classes during a semester. However, each course is limited by eSchool to 120 days for it to be completed. Adjustments to the fee are made for students that qualify for free or/reduced lunch. Payment information will be sent by email after the application is processed.

Sports: eSchool courses do not meet the criteria for NCAA eligibility.

Weather: If school or evening activities are cancelled because of weather, the eSchool orientation will also be cancelled.

Finals: Students will receive instructions for the Final after completing the Practice Final.

Due to Covid 19 We are currently not scheduling on-site finals Please read the information in the Last Steps Folder carefully for instructions concerning the final exam. Final Exam information may change at anytime.

2023 - 2024 School Year: Exam options to be arranged.

Applications: The application window for the Spring Semester of 2024 will open in November 2024. The deadline to submit an eSchool application for the Summer of 2024 is June 7, 2024. 

Registration Policies and Procedures
MLK provides opportunities for students in Fayette County (public school students, students attending private, parochial and home schools) to meet their educational needs through online work. Students may enroll in individual courses to eliminate deficiencies on high school transcripts and to earn additional credits towards graduation or for enrichment purposes.
Registration Process
1. Students must obtain an application from their school counselor listing each ½ credit course to be taken. Applications must be filled out completely.
2. All information requested on the application must be completed in order to be processed.
3. The student’s counselor must sign the application to verify approval of course(s) to be taken.
4. Applications must be submitted for full-time eSchool students to Brandon Whitish  or Bonnie Barnes at MLK Academy by mail, email, fax or on-line application. Part-time eSchool applications must be submitted by completing a Google Form online. The student's counselor will provide the link for the form.
5. Full time students and parents (if under 18) are required to attend an orientation meeting to receive eschool instructions. This process is done by appointment only and you will be contacted by email.
6. Students will only be permitted to work on one course at a time. Once a student completes a course, we will then request the next course on the student's list.
7. ESchool fees are $125 per semester (fall, spring, or summer) for one course, or a maximum of $250 per semester, which allows the student the opportunity to complete as many courses as possible during the semester. If a student continues into the next semester, a fee for that semester will be required. Please be advised that once a course has been started, students must complete the course within the semester or a maximum of 120 days, which might be less than a semester.
8. All payments must be paid by Cashier’s Check, Money Order or MySchoolBucks. Cash will not be accepted. The course will not be requested until payment is received. Allow at least 24-48 from the time we receive payment to receive log in credentials. Payment information will be emailed once the application is processed.

1. If a student discontinues a course and requests a refund within one month from the date of enrollment, a refund of the tuition is paid minus a $5 processing fee. The refund request must include a parent's signature and an address for the refund to be mailed. No refunds are made after the one-month period and all refunds are mailed to the parent.

1. With the approval of the principal or counselor, students may transfer to another course within the first week of enrollment.
2. The enrollment fee cannot be transferred from one person to another.

I have read, understand, and agree to the registration policies and procedures listed above. I understand that credits will be earned through JCPSeSchool; and agree to work with the staff at MLK to help myself/my child attain a high school diploma.