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Holocaust & Genocide Studies

In this course, students will read and analyze primary and secondary sources from the Holocaust and World War II.  Students will also read literature written about the Holocaust, build media literacy skills through research projects, and explore parallels of the Holocaust to other modern genocides.  Through the course, students will gain an historical knowledge of the events leading up to the Holocaust and how it occurred in a democratic society. Students will also understand how other genocides have happened through intensive reading and study. One of the main goals of the course is to build well-informed and empathetic global citizens.  


Three students work together at a computer to complete research.


Preference for enrollment in the course is given to juniors and seniors, but underclassmen exhibiting strong criticial thinking skills as well as high aptitude in social studies and language arts may also request the course.  Currently, the class is co-taught with a social studies teacher and a language arts teacher in order to provide strong, cross-curricular instruction.


Ms. Lisa Henry teaches high school English and feels passionately about Holocaust education. She has served as a Museum Teacher Fellow with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., since July 2017.


Mr. Tim Middleton is a high school Social Studies teacher who enjoys teaching about the Holocaust and World War II.  He has attended numerous trainings regarding Holocaust education, most recently "Teaching the Holocaust, Empowering Students" offered by Echoes and Reflections.