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About Our Program

The alternative program at Martin Luther King Jr. Academy is an essential feature of the mission of the school district. Students find success in the smaller supportive setting, and that success is demonstrated through academic achievements, attitude, self-esteem, and self-discipline. This success requires a higher level of support and the availability of a greater array of resources than the school of residence is able to provide. 

What makes MLK Academy special

Our highly trained staff looks at each student’s needs individually and works to find ways to make connections with kids and propel them to achieve. We offer a daytime program for students who are placed here because of behavior issues at other schools, a computer-based credit recovery program for middle school students who are more than two years behind, as well as night school component for students who work and would like to continue pursuing their high school diploma. The academy also has three satellite locations at community centers and churches. The program at Martin Luther King Jr. Academy has garnered national awards from the National Dropout Prevention Network and the International Association for Truancy and Dropout Prevention. 

Program description

Martin Luther King Jr. Academy is designed to address the individual academic, social/behavioral and physical and emotional needs of all students enrolled. A unique feature of the Academy is an intervention model that uses Case Management and Multidisciplinary Teams of social workers, teachers, counselors, parents, students and community professional who combine their efforts to work more holistically with students.

The program's duration for each student ranges from three to 18 months, depending on the need of the individual student. An extensive follow-up process to assist students and schools in the students' transition back to the regular school environment is another unique feature of the Academy. Parental involvement is an additional critical component of the program. Families will be encouraged to participate in the initial meeting and throughout their child's enrollment in the academy. The academy is a committed and dedicated group of individuals who are concerned and care about working with the students that need an alternative educational setting. 

Program strengths

  • Classroom and computer based instruction
  • High quality, engaging, and supportive instruction
  • A structured approach to discipline and behavior management
  • Clearly identified student outcomes
  • Family, community, and agency involvement
  • Quality professional development
  • Continuous assessment of the program and students
  • District level support

Keys to success

  • Low student to teacher ratio
  • Strong support from the counselors & social workers
  • Qualified & dedicated staff
  • High academic goals that are individualized for students
  • Positive reinforcement of students
  • A consistent discipline system
  • A curriculum that is aligned with Kentucky's core content and program of studies
  • A curriculum that is aligned to the same high standards as the regular curriculum
  • A focus for students that includes social skills, life skills, and self-discipline
  • The use of Thematic units


  • Clear and consistent rules posted in the classrooms
  • Predictable, consistent consequences
  • Direct teaching of rules with practice
  • Multiple levels of support for demonstrating the correct behavior
  • Consistent, corrective feedback for behavior infractions


Schools may refer students to the Martin Luther King Jr. Academy through school teams (Student Assistance Teams, Admissions Release Committee) made up of principals, counseling staff, teachers, and others. School teams are held accountable to present measurable data and evidence of intervention strategies applied over a period of time. Schools must demonstrate substantial efforts to help the student be successful in the regular school setting before a referral can be requested.

Mission Statement

Martin Luther King Jr. Academy for Excellence supports students in addressing needs that prohibit or hinder a student’s academic success while offering a highly structured program that balances behavior modification with rigorous academic expectation.

Our purpose

  • Provide an alternative program for middle and high school students whose conduct prevents them from succeeding in their regular school.

  • Provide an environment that is conducive to improving the behavior and attendance of students admitted to ML King Academy and assist them in experiencing academic success.

  • Provide a highly structured program that balances behavior modification with high academic standards.